Rev3 Costa Rica Kids Race

We stumbled across the Kids race in Brasilito and felt we had to make a video. It looked like an awesome event and I was super impressed by the Speed Suits. The Kids looked so Professional, ironically more professional that the real professionals look. Check it out! I was also impressed by the Rev 3 crew this video was taken around 5:30am before the Saturday Age Group race. The crew workout tirelessly all weekend hosting events both Saturday and Sunday.

Rev 3 Costa Rica Trip Day 1

Here is a quick video Sophia and I made on the first day of our Rev 3 Costa Rica Trip. Our plane was delayed in Kelowna due to extra time de-icing the plane so we missed our connecting flight to from Seattle to Houston. we were put on the next available flight but had to spend the night in Houston before we could flight to Costa Rica. We took this not as a missed day but as an oppurtunity to show Sophia what Texas is all about. We hit up the Texas Roadhouse and were blown away. They were pumping Cotton-Eyed Joe as we roll up and things only got better from there.

Here is the video we made from Day 1.

Volunteering at the Penticton Lakeside 5k

This weekend Sophia and I volunteered at the Penticton Lakeside 5k. Our job was to record the numbers and order of the finishers as exited the finishing chute. A huge thanks to Neil MacDonald and Paul Smith and the Penticton Pounders for organizing the event. Congrats to everyone who raced out there on a tough day. We made a video from the race Check it out!

Race Results

Mens Top 10
1. Nathan Reiter 16:20
2. Hans Aabye 16:22
2. Chad Reid 17:19
4. David Matheson 17:39
5. Wade Carlson 17:48
6. James Young 17:50
7. Sergio Pio 18:02
8. Simon Mulvihill 18:17
9. Alex Hanson 18:22
10. Bob Isaak 18:23

Womens Top 5
1. Jessica Hannah 18:59
2. Cindy Rhodes 19:56
3. Nikki Reiter 20: 16
4. Danita Schrieber 20:19
5. Tiffany Fowler 21:101
6. Emily Allin 21:13
7. Jen Bond 21:24
8. Erica Moser-Reschreiter 21:35
9. Jenny Ayers 21:45
10. Laura-Lee Nelson 21:52

Blog Assignment for the Bike Barn

Here is my first Blog Assignment for the Bike Barn. I was excited for the opportunity to help out the shop and hopefully highlight some products to help everyone make the most of their time on the bike.

Bike Barn is lucky to have local pro Jeff Symonds work part-time with us. We asked him what his five favourite products were for racing and training and here was his response:

#1 Shimano Di2 Electronic Shifting

Electronic Shifting is the way of the future and I am super excited to be using Shimano Di2 this year! The biggest benefit for a triathlete like myself is that it give riders the ability to have shifter on both your aerobars as well as your basebar. What this means is that you don’t do the awkward reach to aerobars to shift while climbing or accelerating. I find that with Di2 I am shifting more often and accurately allowing myself to ride the most efficient cadence, leaving my legs feeling fresh for the run. Shifters on the basebar also allows you to shift gears and have access to the brakes while in an aerodynamic tuck. What this means for all you Ironman Canada hopefuls in that you will be able to descend down the Richter with more speed and in great control. Electronic shifting also benefits rider by reducing the shifting motion to mere push of a button and auto trimming the front derailleur after every shift. Cable friction is eliminated resulting in all-conditions reliability and a 30% increase in rear derailleur shifting speed. Mechanics here at the Bike Barn have described the Di2 as being a “pleasure” to work on and Shimano Di2 has passed all tests regarding reliability and ease of maintenance placed upon it. With Ultegra Di2 launching in 2012 it is a great time to upgrade to electronic shifting and get faster and more efficient in the process.

#2 Powerbar Ironman Perform

This is a product that I use every day. First off the taste is awesome. I have been guzzling a canister every 2 weeks and haven’t gotten tired of it. Secondly, Perform utilizes a 2:1 glucose to fructose blend that delivers 20-50% more energy to working muscles than pure glucose sports drinks like Gatorade. Perform is high in sodium to keep your electrolytes in balance when your sweating buckets either in a homemade Pain Cave, indoor spin class or warm weather destination. I am a huge believer that you should simulate race day as much as possible in training and fortunately Perform is what will be on the race course at Great White North Half Iron and all Ironman branded events including Ironman Canada. On top of its awesome benefits, it is also the most cost effective drink out there at only $22.90 for a 52 serving canister. It is the best option for everyone in every sport at every ability.

#3 Bell Javelin TT Helmet

This is the product I was most stoked about at Interbike. I actually asked the guy working the expo if I could buy one off him for cash right then and there. He turned me down and I was forced to wait. Finally the wait is over as Bell Javelin has arrived at The Bike Barn. The Javelin is similar to the Giro Selector except that it’s flexible ear flaps allow it to be is much easier to get on and off, and keeps your ears from getting twisted. This feature makes it perfect for triathletes like myself. At $249.90 it is also substantially less expensive than the comparable Giro Selector TT Helmet. The Javelin has a detachable visor and 2 large front vents and an overall ventilation system that is surprising effective so you won’t have to worry about overheating in a longer distance race. Whether you are at the front of the race or the back of a race an aero helmet is going to save you a minute off of your time, and in my opinion the Bell Javelin is the best option available.

#4 Bike Barn Jerseys

This is a must have for every cyclist or triathlete. As far back as I can remember I wanted a Bike Barn jersey and when I purchased my first racing bike I couldn’t have been more thrilled that they threw in a jersey. The jersey is not only comfortable, stylish and a great souvenir, but allows you access into the exclusive club of Bike Barn Cyclists worldwide. It doesn’t matter where in the world I go to race or train if I am wearing a Bike Barn Jersey people will come up to me and comment on the shop and Penticton. I even once had a fellow riders give me a guided bike tour of the San Diego area after seeing and commenting on my jersey at a traffic light. If your reading this San Diego Guru, Thanks! A bright jersey is the second most important piece of safety equipment after a properly fitting helmet. The classic yellow and blue Bike Barn colors are super visible and will make you stand out more than a man in a Zumba class.

#5 Nite Rider TL 5.0

Speaking of standing out, a rear flashing light is one of the best way to be seen while out riding. I have found that when I ride with a rear flashing light, drivers give me on average an extra meter of room as they pass by. Every cyclist knows that an extra meter of space provides an unbelievable amount of security. It could be the best $9.99 you ever spend.

If you have any questions on triathlon and cycling products or triathlon training and racing then feel free to comment below or stop in to the Bike Barn and visit with Jeff every Saturday from 10-5:30.

ALSO, be sure to check out his blog at or follow him on twitter.

KISU 30th Anniversary Celebration

This weekend the Kisu Swim Club held their 30th Anniversary Celebration. I swam with the Kisu High School group for 2 seasons after I completed University in order to get my swimming up to a competitive level. I learned a ton over those years and can't thank coach Tina Hoeben enough for helping get my stroke to where it is today. I was very excited to participate in the Celebrity Swim meet and attend the post race banquet. For the meet, myself and Penticton Fire Chief Wayne Williams were teamed up with current Kisu swimmer Lucas, Reece, and Andrew. We were up against a tough host of other local celebrities including Ron Hayman and Mayor Dan Ashton. Although we may not have won any of the relays, our team raced like Champions we definitely "let the dogs out"! The highlight of the meet was watching Coach Paul Lytle suffer a close defeat against two of his athletes in 100m freestyle challenge. Later at the Banquet, Paul was seen aggressively bidding on a Lazer Hair Removal Package to try and find those extra seconds he so dearly could have used during the race. A big thanks to everyone who helped make this event a success!

A Quick Update

I have been getting a few questions on the TriBC video access. Unfortunately we ran into a issue where we didn't have the proper consent forms filled out by the parents of the kids. Out of respect for the young athletes I am restricting access until we have consent from everyone involved.

In more positive news I just came back from Vancouver where I placed 3rd at the "First Half" Half Marathon. I recorded a PB of 1:07:41 and am very excited to get back out there and race again. I'll get a full race report up tomorrow, but right now it time to get out and ride.

Thanks to triathlon legend Mark Bates for the Photo.

TriBC Youth Triathlon Clinic Video

This past weekend Sophia and I helped out at the TriBC Youth Triathlon Clinic in Ok Falls. We both had an amazing time passing on some of our knowledge and putting the kids through some triathlon related games and relays. Most importantly the kids all seemed to have a great time and every one of them wrote down some goals that they wanted to work towards. We made a video to help encourage people to sign up for future TriBC Youth Clinics, or other triathlon youth clinics.

More information on the TriBC Youth Clinics can be found here:

2012, Let's do this!

Big things are happening for 2012. I have formed a few new partnerships for the year. I am extremely proud to announce that I will be riding Orbea bikes and rocking Orca wetsuits and gear! Orbea and Orca are distributed throughout Canada by a local distribution company Podium Imports ( I am thrilled for the chance to work with an amazing company in Orca and Orbea, while at that same time, staying local and helping to make my friends at Podium more successful. A big thanks to everyone at Podium Imports (Brian, Olly, Jonny, Alex and Geoff) for helping get this setup.

I am also pleased to announce that I will be equipping these rides with Shimano and Pro products. Shimano has been the industry leader for as far back as I can remember and I can't wait to get on a DI2 electronic shifting bike. The ability to shift from the aerobars and the basebar is something that will make a huge difference in my race performance. I remember when I was in junior high and I dabbling in Mountain Biking we would always ooohh and ahhhh about the top end Shimano products. It didn't matter what else was on my bike, I had an XT derailleur and that was the ultimate symbol of cool!

What I am even more pumped for is the racing! I have listed a 2012 race schedule on the right that includes races up until the big show, the Ironman 70.3 World Championships. I will be adding a few other local events and possibly some relays or even a Gran Fondo or two to the mix.

I won't say too much more as the plan is to write a weekly blog from here on out, and I want to save some material for next week. I will post some photos from the past holiday season.

Until next time, train hard and Get Ugly Out There!

Winter Training

After taking October easy I am feeling extremely ready and motivated to build back up for 2012. The podium in Vegas has filled me with confidence going into 2012 that not only do I have the talent to compete at the highest level, but also that I have the support network here in Penticton to get me there. I remember reading a quote from Simon Whitfield that was something along the lines of champions are made in December. I am a firm believer in this idea and I thought I would share what my plans for the winter training season are.

Firstly my coach Kevin Cutjar and I met to discuss racing possibilities for 2012 and decide what is going to enable me to perform at my best in Las Vegas. Once the overall plan was in place, we took a long honest look at my strengths and weaknesses as an athlete and what I need to do to get better going forward. At this time I also took a long honest look at myself and what I could do to increase my commitment as an athlete. As an athlete I have a tendency to focus on the short term, how can I get faster for my next race or next year, it is awesome to have a coach who is able to step back from the emotions and keep my long term goals in mind. Kevin uses his program Endurance Planner ( to plan my training for the month and all I have to do form there is execute.

This winter I have made a few key changes. Firstly I have cut back my work schedule to just working Saturdays at the Bike Barn. Working at the Bike Barn is something I really enjoy as it gives me the opportunity to connect with other cyclists and triathletes in Penticton. I have also started to coach spin classes through Impact Multisport ( I really enjoy coaching the spin classes at it allows me the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience while getting a workout in at the same time. I find that when I am coaching I am trying hard to set a perfect example and thus am super attentive to my form, technique and effort level. I have also changed my swimming routine up a bit from previous years. Without having to drive to Summerland this fall/winter, I am able to have a bit more time to train. I have established a routine where I am swimming every morning by myself focusing on freestyle sets from Endurance Planner. Well not totally on own, as my girlfriend Sophia swims with me as she is training for her second Ironman. Even though we don’t do the workouts it’s great to have her there to keep me on a set schedule and to keep me motivated. If anyone is in Penticton and wants to join 7:30am (okay 7:30am ish) Monday-Friday at the Pool. This winter I am focusing on building up my run mileage as well as adding a strength component to my training so that I can continue to stay injury free. I have also begun to place a greater emphasis on my recovery from workouts by making sure that I am on a structured post workout schedule of eating, resting and stretching. I am also going to take a swim instruction course and am looking forward to getting involved with some swim coaching and conducting some lessons, either one on one or for small groups.

 As far as a race plans for next year, 70.3 World’s is the big race, but I am very excited about some of the other events that we have planned. My first 70.3, Just like the last two years will be the Oceanside 70.3 in San Diego. I am also excited to have another shot at breaking Tom Evan’s course Record at The Great White North Triathlon and the opportunity compete for an Ironman 70.3 win on home soil in Calgary. I am also hoping to include the Oliver Half Ironman as it is an awesome race in my backyard, but we’ll see if it fits in. I am also thinking of possibly racing an Ironman in the fall, but we'll see about that after Vegas.

My first race of 2012 will be Rev 3 Costa Rica Olympic Distance on March 18th. Myself and Sophia are going down to Costa Rica to help host the Great White North Racecation. GWN Race Director Mike Brown has put together a spectacular package that I would highly recommend checking out. Details are here I am very excited about this opportunity as I have heard nothing but good things about Rev3 races and likewise have heard amazing things about Costa Rica. I am also very excited for the opportunity to meet and spend a week with a group of people who are passionate about triathlon. In addition to the race we have tentatively planned zip-lining, a safari tour and some surf lessons. It is awesome to have the Racecation as something to look forward to during the cold snow filled month, especially when you are getting out of bed to swim and it is still pitch black out.